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suDesign  is a young firm, born in Napoli in 2010. It produces furnishings which are characterized by a simple design and high craftmanship of materials.
It produces furnitures, furnishings and lighting fixtures that have a solid base in research and experimentation, utilize traditional materials reinterpreted in the finish and in the manner they are showcased and combined.
Jandoli-Pisapia Architects have applied their long experience in Interior design planning to the marketing of furnishings and lighting fixtures originally planned, produced and taylored only for single clients. 
From here the choice to produce furnitures, furnishings, tables, lighting fixtures, conjugating craftmanship with commercial marketing and production in a space where the firm, the designer, the craftsman and the client collaborate.
The creative and production process is developed from the study of shapes and geometries, the choice of materials, from sketches to finished product through a modus operandi that aims to control all the different phases until get to the definition of a product studied in detail. The firm's name suDesign highlights the desire to offer a furnishings' selection "su misura", high quality exclusive objects characterized by the originality of the project, and the minute control of the production process. A production of maximum flexibility that thinks industrially keeping its craft vocation.

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